Nature Activities all Year round

Lakelandscapes and surrounding nature offer spectacular possibilities for different activities for every season. 


The weather during summer  (June-August)  in these heights can be characterized as mild. Waters are +15 to +23 celsius and the air from +10 to +25. 

Trekking, fishing, rowboating, swimming, picking berries, bicycling and disc-golf are free activities for all the guests interested to spend their time independently in the surrounding nature. 

Every chalet, villa and cabin has own rowing boat with lifejackets for all sizes as well as some yard games we finns love. For the children we have also  swings and sandpits.

Trekking routes: 
Sompanen Nature trail

Aavasaksa Scenic Path 

Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Jaipaljukka Nature Trail

Path of the Olympic skiing winner Eero Mätyranta


In autumn time the nature gives it best. Warm days (+10-+20) and crispy nights (-10-+10) give nature a possibility to show different kind of moods during one day. Crispy mornings, first snow, sunny trekking days, many berries such as lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries and clowdberries are picked by finns during this season. Also mushroom picking is one of the favorit hobbies of many finns. The northern lights are giving their best starting from September  and the fact that there is no snow yet giving light to the surroundings the northern lights are most visible by pure eyes during autumn's dark nights. By the way, rowboating and fishing is possible until the lake is covered by ice (until late november mostly). 


You can ski in the crust of snow and enjoy stillness. You have not hurry. Nearby is good network of skitracks, 5 km.

If you desire to go downhill skiing, we recommend Svanstein Ski in Sweden (distance 70 km), Aavasaksa in Ylitornio (40km), Ritavalkea in Pello (43 km) or Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi (60 km).

You can also enjoy snowshoe hikes just by yourself. They who are interested in winterfishing can rent equipments from the main office. 

High quality reindeer safaris as well as husky safaris are available near our resort. 


Bright spring sun is the most beatiful thing to see. Lakes are frozen right through to April. In the North of Finland it is still possible to ski on April and do some other outdoor pursuits in sunny and mild weather. Springtime is also an excellent time for icefishing. 

Spring is time of Easter and 1st of May (Vappu).